Find the Biggest and Best Garage Sales in Melbourne This Weekend

Looking to go exploring for some hidden treasures? With a national listing of garage sales all across Australia, MyGarageSale will be able to show you what’s on this weekend in Melbourne. From trash n’ treasures, to moving sales to your garden variety spring clean out.

Promote your Melbourne garage sale like never before

garage sales in sydneyTraditional advertising methods such as radio ads and newspapers are very restrictive, as they only reach a small percentage of your potential target market. Not only that, but they are typically locked in for the date you paid for, meaning if something comes up last minute and you have to postpone, your ad is wasted. Our online platform allows you to promote your trash & treasure sale in new and exciting ways and ensures you get the exposure you need.

Plan your weekend out in advance and only visit the sales that interest you

Traditionally, if you wanted to go scavenging for new and exciting treasures, you’d be limited to any homemade signs or local advertisements to see which homes were selling their old possessions. With our innovative listings, however, we allow you to conduct the groundwork ahead of time to know exactly which destinations will yield the most promising results. Searching for a specific vintage piece? Have your heart set on a hardwood timber cabinet? Well now you have more resources than ever before at your disposal to find exactly what you’re after, without wasting your time.

For any queries, give us a call today

If you have any concerns or questions relating to our platform or any of the sales advertised, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by leaving us a message on our online form. To see what other sales are available throughout Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, or Perth, please click on the provided links. Happy hunting!